A course on Search Engine Optimization, Online Marketing and Face Book Marketing

The purpose of this SEO course is to provide a strategy overview of the major crucial concepts and tactics for online marketing, in particular, the booming social media marketing. The target audiences for this course is for management, decision makers, marketers, website administrators.

This course is more on what to do and less emphasis on hands on although it is backup by a series of practical demonstration. Upon completion of this course, audiences should be equipped with the necessary knowledge to create your own online marketing strategies, determine which channels are best suited for your business, manage new marketing campaigns or enrich existing campaign by leveraging the illustrated best of practice, and to determine and prioritize what tactics to implement.

1. Search Engine Basic

Online marketing competition is fierce. Setting up a website is neither difficult nor costly. You could outsource most of the tedious work for as low as a few thousand dollars. The key success factor is therefore to make your website known and rank high so that your web pages could be easily searchable. This is where the Search Engine plays in role. In this section, we explain the crucial concepts of search engine, website ranking, Adwords, Adsense and Google Analytics.

2. On-page Optimization

On-page optimization refers to the tactics applicable when authoring your websites in order to rank high for your web pages. In this section, we will cover tactics, such as keyword research, title and description optimization, effective page layout, internal links and alternative text, etc.

3. Off-page Optimization

Off-page optimization refers to the tactics applicable to leverage 3rd party link reference to improve your web page ranking. It is an effective mechanism to boost your web page’s relevance to search engine through 3rd party endorsement. In this section, we will discuss back links, link exchange, article marketing, social media bookmarking, directory listing, etc. as effective means to improve the overall web page ranking.

4. Internet Marketing Overview

Internet is getting more and more interactive. Online marketing essentially covers all the marketing strategy, tactics and means to promote your service and products via Internet. Online marketing emphasizes long term engagement and branding instead of short term selling.

5. Email Marketing

Email Marketing remains one of the most cost effective online marketing mean but is rapidly reshaping itself to more permission based and aiming for delivery of value added content. In this section, we will discuss the process of email marketing, compare the pros and cons between DIY and subscription-based approach. We will discuss some key concepts, such as list acquisition and hygiene, what makes an effective email, email delivery management, performance measurement and tracking, etc.

6. YouTube and Video Marketing

A picture is worthy a thousand words. How about a video? In many situation, such as product demo, training, YouTube and video marketing could be very effective in providing a “seeing is believing” effect. In this section, we describe a few prominent successful cases in YouTube marketing, walk through a systematic approach and tools required to build a successful YouTube campaign.

7. Facebook Marketing

Facebook is explored in essential detail to illustrate the concept of social media marketing. We are all familiar with Facebook profile, friend, like and fan page but do you really understand the key concept behind Facebook, such as news feed and fan pages? In this section, we will talk about the viral word of mouth effect in news feeds, effective means to get liked, various approaches to extend your Facebook fan pages via apps, Facebook ads as a highly targeted mean to reach prospects, why Facebook Connect, etc.

8. Other Social Media Marketing

Lastly, we will have a quick reviews on blogs, Twitter and LinkedIn, highlight the major difference among various medias and give more examples of successful social media marketing. We will share some insight into the information relevance and the future of social media marketing.

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