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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a digital marketing technique that is crucial to website promotion and online shop promotion. You can either Do-it-Yourself or outsource the work to 3rd parties. Many novices think SEO as just a set of step by step instructions to follow: add keywords in the title and content and add some irrelevant backlinks will do the job. In fact, successful SEO will need a systematic approach, dedicated effort to observe and analyze your own page ranking and the competitors’, then take further specific action to improve your own ranking. SEO ranking is like playing a match. In order to win this match effectively, you will need to understand the technical details of search engines, the key concepts, and able to master analytical tools to facilitate logical reasoning all, which all root o practical experience instead of paper-based nonsense.

“Advanced SEO Course” consolidate our years of practice and hard work. The target audience is Hong Kong SME employers, online marketers and web developers. It begins with elaboration of key SEO concepts and supplements with practical and actionable mean, include brief introduction of various SEO optimization tools, helping you  to succeed in Search Engine Optimization. Over the past 5 years, this course has been conducted more than 40 times by WaiTing Li.

SEO Course: 4 hours duration, small group approach, limited to 6 attendances. Conducted in: Cantonese, with handout in English. For more questions, call 26222199, HK $1,500 per seat.

SEO Course

This course is an intensive practical course that requires students to have a basic understanding of search engine optimization (N.B. if you do not know what SEO is, do not sign up for this course because you may find it hard to understand. You should try attending some other introductory classes or seminars first  to grab some basic knowledge) through which students can:

  • Use tools to determine whether an outsourced SEO companu or optimizing service provider is appropriate and doing her job effectively.
  • Effectively communicate and guide your company webmaster colleauge on how to improve site structure, keyword relevance and content quality to drive search rankings.
  • If your site is already equipped with the right tools, do it yourself to improve your site’s ranking.

SEO Course  – content includes:

1. Search Engine Optimization Theory (SEO Theory)

  • Explain the search engine’s business objectives: SEO  is a long term process. Elaborate how Search Engine is taking User Experience as the 1st priority.
  • Explain how we can from observing SERP (Search Engine Result Page) Snippet to cross referencing the Search Engine Basics: Query Deserves Freshness, Relevance, Exposure, Ranking Position, Click Through Rate (CTR), Expected CTR, AB Test, Search Intent And Query Deserves Diversity, etc. and how search engine personalizes search rankings.
  • Explain Search Engine Indexing mechanism, What is Crawl Budget, Latest Rankbrain and how important it is for Mobile-First Indexing.
  • Elaborate positive factors and negative factors that contribute to SEO rankings, including: on-page, off-page, domain related, site related, special, social factors …
  • Explain how to do Keyword Research, the TF-IDF relevance theory, impact of keyword density, keyword distance, partial match Partial Match, exact match Exact Match, Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI), and synonyms on rankings. What is the Topical keywords, Generic Keywords, Brand Keywords Keywords, Long-tail keyword, Seasonal Keywords, Locality Keywords? Demonstrate how to do keyword research with a more agile approach.
  • Brief introduction of Google Analytics as a measurement tool and how to use GA to launch a Content Audits.

2. On-page optimization

  • Explain the difference between revenue earning and traffic sucking content: How to enhance the relevance of keywords in content to attract more organic traffic?
  • Explain how site structure can enhance user experience and affects SEO rankings, impacts of  Bullet Points, Semantic Distance, Javascript hidden content, and Duplicated Content to rankings. Demonstration how to use website analysis tools to monitor and improve web page structure.
  • Keyword arrangement such as: wow to strategically and logically distribute keywords across a website? What is the keyword Cannibalization and how to avoid it?
  • Elaborate other on-page factors that can affect SEO rankings, such as, images, content uniqueness, authority, readability, trustworthy, content length and  SEO optimization tools to enhance website search engine friendliness.
  • Explain the importance of static URLs for SEO rankings. How to write a SEO friendly URL? When to use 301 redirect? What should be done and to be avoided before the site is migrated?
  • Analyze how content updates can affect SEO rankings and suggest possible Re-publishing and Re-purposing content to keep the site up-to-date and fresh. What should be paid attention when setting the landing page?
  • Analyze what is a perfectly optimized web page and cross check that with the WordPress Yoast SEO plugin.
  • How to do SEO for online shop and e-commerce site?
  • Explain the importance of Google Map SEO, XML Schema.
  • Explain the difference between content marketing and SEO. Use blogging as an example to demonstrate how to develop content, do soft selling, and build your own industry authority.
  • Explain the role of Sitemaps in Search Engine Optimization and suggest that tools that can do the job more efficiently.

3. Off-page optimization

  • Explain the basics of Off-page SEO, the importance of backlinks, PageRank, and impact of Site Authority, role of brand signals in boosting search engine rankings.
  • Explain the concept of junk links. What is no-follow and do-follow links? What is Link Juice?
  • Explain why Internal links and Outbound links are valued by search engines and analyze how internal links affect SEO rankings.
  • Introduce to how to establish backlink, such as directory submission, forum promotion, article marketing….
  • Explain the relevance, diversity, freshness, etc. of keywords and backlinks.
  • Introduce ways to drive Link Baiting, such as affiliate marketing, infographics, free content, etc. to increase backlinks and organic traffic.
  • Explain the impact of Panda and Penguin Update on traditional SEO approach. What is Panda Quality Score (PQS)?
  • Examples of how to Google Search Console (GSC) to analyze page ranking results and seek improvement opportunities and multiple keyword rankings for a single page.
  • Brief introduction of social media ranking factors such as Facebook hashtag, backlink and repurposing. How to rank Facebook page?
  • ExplainYouTube SEO. How to manipulate views and watch time to do video SEO?
  • Introduce Google Site Commands: Demonstrate how to use these commands and free tools to reverse-analyze competitor’s SEO approach.
  • Compare the difference in SEO between Google and Bing Search Engine
  • Explain why advertising SEM cannot achieve the ultimate effect of SEO.

Course Information:

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