CMS Course

Dreamweaver era has passed, Flash technology has faded out. New web technology is based on HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap Framework to achieve Responsive Web Design (RWD) and to emphasize DIY. Today, building a professional look and feel website does not require one to understand all the complex and technical details. The solution is to adopt  a modern Content Management System (CMS).

Modern websites are mostly built on CMS. Data and program are stored separately, and detail page layout is left to a professional template to handle. A web master can layout a web page with a simple editor through a browser. There is no need for installing any software on your desktop computer, CMS supports multiple users with different rights to log in the back-end to manage the website. Under normal circumstances, one does not need to have IT background in order to update website content, and one does not need to know how to write HTML code.

This Web Design Course is mainly targeting for  our customers who have joined our CMS “Web Design Package”. The purpose of this course is to enable our students to master their web design content management skills, learn the  the CMS concept in a 4-hour web design course. The course is conducted in a small class (3-4 seats). Students are required to bring their computers and to practice in an interactive way in order to master the CMS. The course content is divided into 2 parts:

Part 1

  • Content Management Website Basic Concepts.
  • Web design basic concepts.
  • Edit page header, footer and add contact information.
  • Create main menu and drop-down menu.
  • Create built-in blogs and categories and link to the main menu.
  • Use the Visual Editor to add or change the page content, complete 8 edit page exercises.
  • How to embed YouTube videos for promotion in web design.
  • Create a Layered sideshow, how to insert picture text, set up transitional effects, and more.
CMS Course

Part 2

  • What is Portfolio and How It Works?
  • Insert and edit sidebar Sidebar, add widget Widgets.
  • Media library brief introduction.
  • Introduce template options, e.g. customize the look and feel, such as color, font size, and more.
  • How to combine the most popular social media today (eg Facebook and Twitter)?
  • Create a spreadsheet Form and use Short Code.
  • Explain different types of user roles and how to set up user and role assignments.
  • How to add text and language (Chinese Traditional) settings, set different language versions and how to
  • translate strings between languages.
  • How to insert Google Analytics tracking code.
  • How to enhance website security
  • How to do SEO search engine optimization in brief.
CMS Course

Course Information:

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