Digital Marketing Course

Starting from the analysis of customer behavior tracking, followed by content marketing techniques, this course will talk about online marketing techniques such as blog promotion, Facebook promotion, Adwords advertising skills, YouTube promotion, SEO, etc.

Digital Marketing Course

Building an online shop or website business does not automatically attract potential customers. Each industry is already crowded with thousands of websites and thousands of stores. How can you expect customers to find your website without doing anything to promote it yourself? You need to use different online marketing methods to promote your site. Some of these promotional methods are costly; some are free but require dedicating your own effort. For example, there are at least 100 websites in Hong Kong doing Online Marketing, and we are ranking No. 1 in search of Online Marketing (Chinese version). This is a free promotion or so-called Search Engine Optimization.

There are different ways of marketing for different business scenarios, such as brands building and products promotion. You need to understand which is the most valuable to your business. The point is to get to know your customers, learn about the different pipeline characteristics, and focus your marketing resources on potential customers by publishing free and valuable or paid advertised messages that could continuously grow your audiences.

In this Digital Marketing Course, we will share with you the essence of digital marketing, sales methods and means. Whether it is online shop or website, you can make the most sensible investment and trade-offs. More than a hundred companies have participated in this course so far – since 2017 we are diving in-depth, with updated content and conducted by WaiTing Li.

Course duration 4 hours, small group format, limited to 8 seats, more time for questions, phone registration: 26222199, cost HK $ 1,200

Corporate Training Services

Digital Marketing Course
In the past few years, we conducted this Digital Marketing Course almost every one to two months. We also accepted corporate invitation to provide on-site corporate training services. Welcome to call: 26222199 for quotation.

Digital Marketing Course content:

Well Develop has accumulated valuable hands-on experiences in software publishing, online and brick-and-mortar product promotion over the past decade and we have consolidated many years of combat experience in this 4-hour online Digital Marketing Course. The course introduces the critical concepts and methods of digital marketing to help online entrepreneurs become successful from the beginning. You can also consider using our Digital Marketing Service. Course details include:

Online Marketing – Tracking Analysis of Customer Behavior

Digital Marketing should be elaborated starting from the tracking analysis of customer behavior. Tracking customer behavior requires appropriate tools and inserting tracking code on the web sites, with tools such as Google Analytics (GA) and Google Tag Manager (GTM), both free and powerful. This section will outline the basic concepts of tracking and analyzing customer behavior and how to add the GA tracking code, explain the A + ABC model in GA: Audience, Acquisition, Behavior and Conversion, and with examples to illustrate how to interpret reports and identify opportunities for improvement.

Content marketing as the core technique

Many different platforms and channels are available for digital marketing which are either free or paid but the key concept is no different. Digital Marketing is about precision. It is about promoting the valuable information to the most relevant audience, establish long-term interaction, brand confidence, and finally bring sales. If you cannot track the analyse customer behavior, how can you achieve accuracy and precision? Posting inappropriate content will not only waste your time but may also cause audience feeling negative . Writing and distributing promotional information effectively rely on content marketing skill. Content marketing is cross-channel, regardless of blog, e-mail, social media, advertising, etc. are all applicable. This section introduces content marketing strategies, Re-purposing, Re-publishing, and the concept and importance of native advertising. We will take blog promotion as an example to illustrate how content marketing integrates with Inbound Marketing and search engine optimization,  take email promotion as an example to how content marketing integrates Outbound Marketing.

Facebook promotion is about nurturing loyal audiences

The core concept of social media marketing, such as Facebook promotion, is to build and continuously expand your audiences. The more fans like your fan page, the better. In addition to “like”, interaction such as comments and sharing are also important. But how can you attract people to your fan page and promote interaction? You need to know the newsfeed mechanism which is a free coverage by Organic Reach and paid coverage by Pay Reach (Facebook Ads). This section explains how to build audiences for your fan pages, promote interaction, and do your ads smartly with manipulating Relevance Score, CPM and CPC respectively, Facebook Pixel tracking code, Re-marketing and more…

Adwords advertising is Pay-Per-Click advertising

Using Adwords PPC ads to explain key concepts of Pay-Per-Click online advertising: bidding mechanism, ad position, exposure, click through rate, conversion rate, etc. We will demonstrate how to create a simple ad. What to pay attention to? How Quality Score and landing page will affect your ad position and CPC bidding costs? What is Ad Rank? Although PPC ads only cause a few bucks per click, if spending has no return, how that can be justified? We will take about how to monitor ads on Google / Yahoo / Bing platforms and optimize your AdWords spend?

YouTube and Video Promotion

Some industry and businesses (such as cosmetics, training) are more suitable for the video promotion. The focus of YouTube promotion is to attract audiences who prefer multimedia instead of pure text or images. What are key elements of a popular and widely-publicized YouTube video? In this section, we analyze successful cases, explain how to leverage YouTube to build and expand audiences, describes how to increase YouTube views, improve your YouTube video organic search rankings, and setup your own brand channel. We will provide a brief introduction to the YouTube advertising mechanism, and share some key points in video production and editing.

Introduction Others may be like Instagram

Affiliate Marketing and other media such as Instagram Promotions, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, WeChat, and others all have their own characteristics. When you understand the principle of Digital Marketing, it will be easy for you to manipulate individual channel. We will briefly introduce each channel and what you need to be aware of.

Due to time constraints and because more detailed courses (advanced SEO courses, e-mail marketing courses) are available. The following will not be described in detail:

Email marketing maybe the best way to advertise the promotion

E-mail marketing may provide the best ROI of all online and offline advertising.  However, judging from the promotional e-mail that we receive daily, most of marketers still fail to grasp the essence of e-mail marketing.
What can we do for better e-mail marketing? What are the key points in e-mail marketing? What are the best ways to collect e-mails and what is the quality of the e-mails collected by different methods? We on average  sending more than 300,000 e-mails per month, our instructor will teach you how to combine email marketing tehnique with your online shop or CMS website.

SEO Search Engine Optimization

Many websites are beautifully designed but they lack the most needed and indispensable element of today’s websites. Local professional search engine optimization company SEO promotion fee is about HK $ 3,000 – HK $ 8,000 per month with a contract period from six months to a year. If you cannot afford to use a 3rd party service, do you just seat there and do nothing? Of course not, our mentor will teach you the fundamentals of On-Page Optimization such as how to implement them on your website and CMS website Optimization.