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A professional newsletter helps to promote company image and is essential to maintain good customer relationship and help to retain customer loyalty. We regularly issue newsletters to our customers and prospects who have chosen to try our software or subscribe to our newsletters. Broadcasting of our newsletters is, of course, done by one of our flagship products: Email Marketer.


We believe every email to our customer or prospect should be of mutual benefit. We do not want to talk  only about what we are interested. Instead, we insist that our newsletter to be somehow educational by including concise and useful tips while remaining not too heavy or sound academic for digestion. This type of education benefits the reader and somehow helps to build up a stronger relationship with our readers.

Email Marketer comes with many professional templates for creating newsletters that you can quickly create a professional newsletter without demanding any knowledge on HTML.

For us, we have chosen to prepare our own using simple HTML editor and then imported the newsletter to Email Marketer for mass distribution. Such an approach is more flexibility and less demanding on bandwidth.


If you are sending large amount of emails, say thousands or more. It is more appropriate to have your newsletter residing on a web server instead of being totally embedded in every email you sent because the embedded approach could easily overload the bandwidth and disk storage provided by your ISP. For small amount of emails, say only hundreds, it does not matter.

Maybe it is time for you to try using newsletters to strengthen customer relationship. You can click here to download our Email Marketer for a free, no-obligation 30 days trials to explore all the fresh, new marketing possibilities for your business.

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