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Lead Generation with Email Marketer

Leads generates sales. The more leads usually means the more sales. Lead generation can take on various marketing methodologies, such as broadcast advertising, seminars, direct mailing or mass e-mailing.

Traditional CPM (Cost-per-Thousand) Pricing Models (such as magazine ads, TV ads, etc.) for leads generation charge advertisers for impressions, i.e. the number of times people view an advertisement. It usually requires multiple prompting to the same prospect before he can be converted to real customer.

Online lead generation leverages on Internet to generate leads. The interactive nature of Internet boosts a different pricing models: CPC (Cost-per-Click) which is more advertiser friendly, possibly personalized to your prospects and overcome many deficiency of CPM model. Advertisers are charged only when the customers click on the ads. The entry cost for CPC is relative low compared to tradition CPM. Famous example is Goolge Adword.

Common ways on Internet to generate leads

1. Subscription form on your website

Many websites provide subscription forms for visitors to subscript to their newsletters or product catalogue.


This can be done easily by including a small piece of codes in your website.


2. Opt-in and Un-subscription Management

In many countries, it is mandatory by Law to provide a simple one click mechanism to email recipients to unsubscribe from mass emailing campaigns.  On the contrary,  a one click mechanism provides a convenient way for opt-in confirmation for information subscription.

Effective email campaigns has to be tailored made for target segments of customers in order to improve their successful rate. Sending information of female related products to male recipient probably is not a good idea and deem to be ineffective.

Mass emailing, when combined with other CPC models and proper website implementation, can be a very effective for online leads generation. By geographically and demographically targeting customers by email,s you can focus your attention on specific groups, saving money and increasing sales.

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