Online Shop Course

The online shop course is mainly designed for customers who join our Online Store Package. The course purpose is to enable students to launch their online shops as soon as possible. In 4 hours (including one hour to explain the function of the advanced template), students will learn the Online Shop administrative back-end management skill and other crucial workflow processes, learn how to adjust their online shop front page layout, etc. The course is conducted in small group workshop format with a limit to 6 students in each class. Students need to bring along their computers to practice the daily operation of managing their online shops. Our approach is  a “Lecture + Tutor” approach to ensure enough staff to follow up the progress and problems of each student and answer questions during the training. More than hundred companies have joined this course since 2012. This course should be very helpful for online shop start-ups and online business professionals.

Tel 26222199, 4 hours (HK $ 1,200 per person).

Online Shop Course Outline

This course include tutorials and exercises. Each student is given a different demo online shop for on-site practice. If there is any problem, students can ask their tutor to help solve the problem immediately.

  • Online Shop platform settings: including basic shop settings, language, currency settings, SEO optimization, Google Analytics tracking, order status and membership group settings.
  • How to set up product categories. The difference between main categories and sub-categories.
  • Editing product including: detailed product description, meta tags, meta description, product price, manage product inventory quantity, related products and assigning products to categories.
  • When to use of product attributes and and when to use product options.
  • How to setup static information pages.
  • How to setup different brands and assign products product to brands.
  • How to setup volume purchase discount and customer group discount.
  • How to create e- Coupons for promotion to specific customer groups.
  • Shipping module concept and how to set different shipping methods, such as: free shipping, weight based shipping, pick up the store.
  • Payment module concept and how to setup Paypal account integration to accept credit card payment. Other payment methods such as bank transfer and Cash on Delivery
  • Walk through the online shop front-end order processing and back-end order management, such as: update order status, notify customers on order progress, etc.
  • Establish multiple customer groups, membership management and reward points management.
  • Create additional information, such as: information pages on  about us, delivery service, privacy policy and more.
  • How to insert Google Maps, YouTube videos, and other online chat.
  • Walk through a checklist for double checking before launching an online shop, to avoid minor problems making visitors reluctant to place orders.
  • Other…

Online Shop Course

30-45 minutes in the training will be dedicated to students for real practice

Experience tells us that traditional lectures or simply watch a pre-recorded video cannot effectively help students to establish their online shops quickly. The ideal approach is a small group workshop giving student an instant internship and instant opportunities for  question and answer. Exercises for on-site practice include:

  • Establish categories – Following our guideline to establish the main categories of product, sub-categories  (N.B. Practice changing the ordering of different categories)
  • Create products – Including adding multilingual product names and descriptions, uploading multiple product images, setting SEO friendly URLs and putting products under different categories …
  • Create e-coupons – Practice the setup of coupons for promotion. Set different types of coupons, customize coupon-eligible products, restrict the number of times each coupon could be used, coupon expiration date, etc.
  • Checkout Process – Pretend to be a visitor to register as a member and place an order and checkout to ensure that students will be familiar with the entire checkout process, including coupon applications, shipping method selection and payment method selection.
  • Order Management – Log in as an administrator, practice back-end order handlling to complete the entire ordering process, practice how to change order status and notify customers of updates via email, and more.

Premium Online Shop Template Advanced Online Shop Template

Advanced shop template function is very powerful and flexibility. Advanced template can achieve results that used to be a tens of thousands of dollars investment on shop design can achieve. This one-hour session mainly explains the specific operations of the Mega Menu, the blog, the multi-level slide layer Slider and so on.


Building a good online shop business does not automatically recruit customers, the same industry may be hundreds of shops. How can customers find your website? To operate a successful online shop you need to understand how to promote the shop, know how to establish and continue to grow online shop flow. Anyone participating in a package of HK $ 9,990 or above will receive a 1-hour 4-hour online promotion class.

Course Information:

Date: Please refer to “Course Preview and Registration”

Address: 5 / F, Hung To Center, 94-96 How Ming Street, Kwun Tong

Welcome to call: 26222199